Simple Solutions to Boost Energy, Reduce Stress and Achieve Better Health

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up every day with more energy, the ability to manage stress, and the power of good health? Imagine how much more you could get done, how much calmer you would feel, and overall stronger and less susceptible to illness. These are entities that money can’t buy, nor can someone give them to you. But you can learn how to feel this way every day. With the tips in this book, you can train yourself to do just a few simple steps throughout the day and be empowered to be more energetic, calm and healthy. Included:

  • Simple Solutions to having the energy you need to accomplish more every day.
  • Simple Solutions to make stress fuel you, not drain you.
  • Simple Solutions to enjoying better health and longevity. Putting it all together.
  • 10 Simple Solutions for an Easier Life
  • Stunning Graphics and Charts
  • Subheadings that allow you to focus on just the information you want to read

Dr. Swedan writes from both professional and personal experience on the issues that challenge productive busy people like you the most: energy levels, stress management and health optimization. In magazine format with beautiful graphics this kindle “self-help read in under an hour” has the potential to change your life. Use it as a resource to read again and again.

The Active Woman's Health and Fitness Handbook

A Head-To-Toe Guide For The Athlete In All Of Us

This comprehensive guide addresses your concerns about the physical and psychological aspects of fitness—no matter what your age or activity level. Written by a female athlete and doctor, it answers questions in many areas—from what health risks are associated with each sport or exercise, to what to do when your knee hurts after a jog, to facts on preventing osteoporosis. Also included:

  • Deciding if your sport or workout is right for you
  • Assessing the best diet plan for health and performance
  • Understanding the mind-body connection and stress
  • Tackling nutritional challenges—including supplements
  • Understanding body image and weight issues
  • Exercising before, during, and after pregnancy
  • Performance changes throughout life—from menstruation through menopause
  • What kind of exercise—and how much—is right for your needs
  • The best exercises to prevent and recover from injury
  • Achieving your best fitness and athletic performance
Fully Illustrated PERIGEE 2003

This book will introduce you to medical and musculoskeletal issues you may have while leading your active life. The text is organized and easy to understand. Photographic exercises provide simple and effective treatment of most pain and injury patterns.

Women's Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

A Complete Textbook to the Unique Sports Health Needs of Active and Athletic Women

This is the first female-specific sports medicine and rehabilitation book. It focuses on medical treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, and wellness. Contributed to by a stellar group of mostly women practitioners with expertise in caring for female athletes, the book introduces the reader to women's sports participation, details injury management issues by anatomical region, discusses the needs of active women across the lifespan, and emphasizes the importance of preventative sports medicine.
Special features include:

  • A foreword by Donna Lopiano, executive director of The Women's Sports Foundation
  • A functional perspective of injury rehabilitation unique to female athletes
  • Clinical guidelines and management strategies specific to girls and women
  • An exploration of the needs of younger, older, pregnant, and disabled female athletes
  • Chapters addressing medical and substance abuse issues of female athletes
  • Up to date information about hormonal cycles, bone health, and the Female Athlete Triad
  • Psychology, nutrition, and social factors which affect health, recovery, and performance
  • An appendix of sports injuries specific to womenís sport or athletic activity
Fully Illustrated LIPPINCOTT 2001

This book is an essential practical tool for all sports medicine and rehabilitation providers who treat girls and women and require essential gender-specific knowledge about the assessment and treatment of athletic injuries. Health and fitness professionals including physicians, physician assistants, nurses, physical therapists, sports nutritionists, recreational therapists, exercise physiologists, kinesiologists, athletic trainers, coaches, and personal trainers will gain new insight into the differences between men and women and how these differences affect healthy sports participation and recovery post-injury.